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Earth Day 50th
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How it started

History of Earth Day

April 22, 2020 will mark 50 years of Earth Day. It began as a unified response to an environment in crisis—and 50 years on the movement still goes strong.

Sen. Gaylord Nelson
Senator Gaylord NelsonFritz Albert

Origins of Earth Day

The international Earth Day celebration started in the 1970’s through the initiative of US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. The aim of the celebration was to raise the awareness of the people on the issues involving the environment. They envisioned a sustained education and information campaign through activities and events that promote environmental programs and activities.

Soon, the celebration had spread all over the world. To manage the expanding coverage of the celebration, the organizers formed the Earth Day Network International (EDNI) based in Seattle, USA.

Earth Day in the Philippines

In 1999, Mark Dubois of Earth Day International visited the Philippines and met with environmental leaders at the residence of Ms. Odette Alcantara in Blue Ridge. There, he encouraged the local environmentalists to form a coalition of the green advocates and form Earth Day Network Philippines.

With the birth of EDNP, preparations for Earth Day 2000 were underway. After months of network-building and planning, the biggest national Earth Day network was assembled with over two thousand members from the cross section of society. Since then, the Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP) organized nationally the celebration of Earth Day in the Philippines every April 22nd in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, business partners, various Church/es and civil society.

Mr. Mark Dubois
Mark DuboisTree Sisters


On a year-to-year basis, the celebration revolves around a focus and a theme. The focus usually depends on the most urgent environmental issue of the year. It ranges from reforestation, solid waste management, clean air, climate change and this year water, among others. To effectively communicate the focus, a theme is formulated and adopted by the participants.

The Network is supported by a Convener’s Group composed of individuals who were promoting environmental protection in their respective fields or industries.

Advisory Council

H.E. Gaudencio Card. Rosales, D.D.
First Lady Amelita Ramos
Sen. Jovito Salonga
Mr. Napoleon Abueva
Ms. Eugenia Apostol
Mayor Edward Hagedorn
Mr. Howard Belton
Mr. Sixto Roxas
Mr. Nicanor Perlas
Ms. Narda Camacho
Mr. Jamie Galvez-Tan

Rev. Fr. Ben Beltran, SVD
Mr. Chito Bertol
Ms. Olivia Castillo
Mr. Antonio Claparols
Mr. Jose Concepcion
Mr. Quintin Doromal
Atty. Fulgencio Factoran, Jr.
Dr. Angelina Galang, PhD
Mr. Ben Galindo
Ms. Lyn Gamboa
Justice Emilio Gancayco

Ms. Annie Guerrero
Ms. Eva Inciong
Mr. Nestor Jardin
Mr. Tony Meloto
Ms. Margie Moran-Floirendo
Mr. Tony Olizon
Atty. Antonio Oposa
Atty. Charito Planas
Ms. Luz Sabas