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Press Release

Earth Day 2020

The Philippines is set to commemorate the international celebration of Earth Day this April 22, 2020 with a virtual celebration due to the existing enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Led by Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), this year’s celebration is more meaningful as the metro has seen an unprecedented clean air status since the ECQ was imposed. “We now see the impact of human’s abuse to nature particularly biodiversity exploitation”, said Atty. Toby Tañada, EDNP President and Earth Day 2020 Co-Chair. “In contrast, as we are all in lockdown, air quality improved and nature is recovering,” he added. EDNP advocates for climate action through reforestation, solid waste management and biodiversity conservation through the use of native and indigenous trees.

“The fiftieth year of Earth Day is significant because it allows us to take stock of what we have achieved so far for the environment as global community since 1970,” said 2007 UN Champions of the Earth recipient and Earth Day 2020 Co-Chair, Ms. Bebet Gozun. The movement that started in the US has reached the Philippines through a meeting at Ms. Odette Alcantara’s residence in Blue Ridge attended by Mr. Mark Dubois of Earth Day International and local environmental leaders. This led to the formation of Earth Day Network Philippines that coordinates with the DENR the Earth Day celebrations in the country since.

“The fiftieth year of Earth Day is significant because it allows us to take stock of what we have achieved so far for the environment as global community since 1970…”

“While DENR spearheaded the celebration of Earth Day since 1990, the year 2000 saw the coming together of national and local government, the private sector and civil society for the celebration of Earth Day,” the former DENR Secretary added. She also notes that the network and its members have advocated for environmental action as well as the passage of important pieces of environmental legislation such as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, Clean Air Act, the Climate Change Act, to name a few, since then.

The organizers have shelved plans to hold a nationwide clean-up last Sunday, April 19, and the Main Event on the April 22 in the City of Manila. Nevertheless, a call to action has been made by more than fifty (50) individuals from the different sectors of Philippine society. Posted on all media platforms of EDNP, these commitments to climate action challenges everyone especially those that have major responsibilities in their respective sectors to take the threat of climate change seriously. Also, EDNP released a 50-day countdown featuring different tips one can do for the environment on all its social media platforms.

On April 22, a webinar on the State of the Philippine Environment hosted by the Center for Environmental Concerns – Philippines with EDNP will be live on Facebook. Several online activities are likewise slated by different members and partners. EDNP is still planning to hold the Earth Day Main Event once the ECQ is lifted and gatherings are allowed. The Main Event will feature the State of the Philippine Environment Address delivered by the DENR Secretary, the Civil Society response, an interfaith celebration called SANDIWANG, booths featuring organic and other eco-friendly products and other environmental activities.

“So, let us take action everyday as Earth Day is Everyday!”

Atty. Tañada reminds everyone that despite the ECQ, we can still do something for the environment such as conserving energy and water, avoiding and properly managing waste, and, many others. “So, let us take action everyday as Earth Day is Everyday!” he said.

For more information or interview requests, please contact the following:
Atty. Toby Tanada[email protected]
Ms. Bebet Gozun[email protected]
Mr. Voltaire Alferez[email protected]


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